FICOMIC, the Federation of Professional Comic Institutions, was born in 1988 with the aim of promoting the endless art of comics. A non-profit organization formed by the guilds of publishers, booksellers and distributors in Catalonia.

Since 1989, FICOMIC has organized Comic Barcelona (previously called the Barcelona International Comic Fair) and since 1995, Manga Barcelona (previously the Barcelona Manga Fair).


Considered as the ninth art, comics are one of the most popular artistic languages of the 21st century. Nowadays comic books can be found not only in homes and bookstores around the world, but also in museums and galleries, inspiring generations of artists and filmmakers.

Therefore, our goal is to raise awareness and disseminate comic culture among all audiences. Because we believe in comics as a space for thought and as a cultural expression and we strongly believe they can have an important role as an educational tool in today's society.


Comic, comic book, graphic novel… no matter how you name it, comic is culture. At FICOMIC we work to promote this artistic expression, which is now more relevant than ever.

We stand for talented creators, we fight so their art is recognized and for them to be able to make a living from their creativity. We believe in reading as an essential part of our education and we trust that good comics deserve a space in every library, because societies with high reading rates tend to be fairer and work better.


We are a small team of professionals in love with comics and eager to enjoy our work. We are passionate about the comic universe, we are excited about good comics and we work to give them the visibility they deserve.

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